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logbookLog Book Servicing & New Vehicle Servicing

This is where a series of inspections or checks are made at the relevant intervals as per the manufacturers service booklet. Usually found the the vehicles glove box. As long as the correct grade of oil is used and the various checks and inspections are done as per the service book you won’t void your new vehicle warranty. Call us today to see when we can fit you in for your vehicles next service.

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servicingWhat can we do for you?

• Steering & Suspension Repairs
• Shock Absorbers
• Tie Rod Ends
• Ball Joints & Wheel Bearings
• Starter Motors
• Alternators & Batteries
• Engine Diagnosis
• Oil Leaks Fixed
• Spark Plugs Fitted
• Air & Fuel Filters Replaced
• Automatic Transmission Fluid Flushing & Refilling
• New Clutches Fitted
• Flywheels Machined
• Air Conditioning & Some Specialist Auto Electrical Work.
• Brakes are “Our Specialty” you name it we just about do it all

testdrive Road Testing

After ALL of our services, to ensure the safety of your vehicle, We will take your vehicle for a test drive and check the engine performance, steering, brakes, suspension and lights.

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