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Why our Clients love to work with us.


Why Use First Class Brakes ?


icon_tick_red Friendly staff with a “Nothing is too much of a problem” attitude.


icon_tick_red We’re able to supply our own electricity via our “in van generator” So if your car is in a car park or on the side of the road we are still able to carry out any machining work be it: discs, drums or flywheels..


Who We Are?

First Class Brakes – “it’s the last metre that counts” are a family owned business located in Forest Lake Brisbane, we are a mobile mechanic and brake specialist focused on customer satisfaction, please visit our Servicing & Repairs (inc hyperlink) page for all of the services we cover. 

Our Skills

Brake Maintenance 100%
Vehicle Repair 100%
Customer Service 100%

Meet the Team

Matt is an ‘A’ Grade Qualified Mechanic (tradesman) Specialising in brakes but can also do general mechanical repairs and servicing. We’re very friendly and nothing is too much of a problem. We aren’t your ordinary 8 to 5 workers if a job needs doing we’ll be there even if it means an earlier start time or later finish. We take pride in what we do, and this is reflected in our client base, many First Class Brakes customers are repeat customers and additional business comes via Referrals and Word of Mouth.


Matt Twigge

Company Owner

A brief overview of Matt’s Previous Work History:

Served his automotive apprenticeship working on Mini’s, Austin, Morris Minor, Leyland, Rover and Land rover. Matt has worked at Honda, Ford and Toyota dealerships; he has over the years worked at independent mechanical workshops working on most makes and models of vehicles. In 1992 Matt was head hunted to work for Pit Stop in Palmerston North, NZ (New Zealand) this was to be his start in the specialist Brake and Exhaust industry. Matt worked his way up to managing one of the 2 workshops in Palmerston North. He finally moved to Tauranga, NZ to purchase a run down existing Pit Stop Franchise and in 1997 won a NZ Franchisee Award for Certificate of Merit for his efforts. Mount Maunganui was the site for the 2nd Pit Stop Franchise we were starting to learn more and more about Franchising and the benefits thereof. Cut forward a few years and having moved to Queensland. 2006 saw me managing a brake specialist outlet but the beck and call of being self employed had me start up First Class Brakes – it’s the last metre that matters! And the future is looking exciting…




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